TITAN premieres video for Gary Numan collaboration "Dark Rain"


Following the standout release of their latest studio album Dama and a series of select live shows through Latin America, TITAN reveal another piece of the puzzle of their dark, twisted and exotic art: a new video for "Dark Rain", their collaboration with the legendary Gary Numan.

This video was recorded on Mexico City's Desierto de los Leones on 2016. Here's a statement for Gary Numan on working with TITAN for Dama's "Dark Rain":

I must admit I was unaware of Titan until album producer Nick Launay got in touch and asked if I would be interested in adding a vocal to a track he was working on for the band. I really liked the track when I heard it but I didn’t realise until I met the band that I’d got the verse and chorus the wrong way round, so I accidentally came up with something quite unexpected I think. I was very happy with the end result though.

The band were kind enough to fly me and my wife Gemma to Mexico City to film the video, and some other shots to use as part of their stage show when they perform the song live. That really was a fantastic experience. Mexico City itself was fascinating but it was the band, and their manager Alex, who really made the trip special for us. They really are lovely people to be around. Making videos can often be a lot more tedious than you would imagine. Endless hours of boredom and discomfort is quite normal in fact. This one wasn’t like that at all, thanks to the band. It was a fun, creative and most enjoyable experience from beginning to end. I was amazed at how successful they are and yet still so easy to talk to, to be with. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much making a video. They made us feel very welcome, like friends, and we appreciated that. I wish them nothing but the best in the future and I hope we can meet again one day.
-Gary Numan.

Mira a TITAN en vivo en los Premios Fénix 2016

Tras la presentación de su álbum Dama en El Plaza de la Ciudad de México, TITAN regresa a los escenarios para presentarse en el marco de la entrega de los Premios Fénix este miércoles 7 de diciembre. 

Puedes seguir la transmisión de estos premios en vivo por televisión a través de los canales Studio Universal, E! Entertainment, Canal 52 y Cinelatino.

Si quieres ver la presentación de TITAN en los Premios Fénix desde tu computadora podrás hacerlo a través de las transmisiones de El País, MSN o bien desde un streaming en Facebook Live que ocurrirá en la fanpage oficial de los premios.

Consigue 'Dama' de TITAN en vinil en firma de autógrafos excluvisa


La espera terminó. Si vives en México, el próximo miércoles 16 de noviembre podrás conseguir Dama de TITAN en vinil en una edición limitada de Épico con tiraje de 100 copias. Este vinil estará disponible en una firma de autógrafos con los 3 integrantes de la banda en La Roma Records (Álvaro Obregón 200, Col. Roma) ese día a partir de las 19:00 hrs.

Esta edición limitada del vinil de Dama podrá conseguirse con 2 versiones distintas de slipmat.

Recuerda que TITAN presenta Dama en vivo el próximo 1º de diciembre en El Plaza, consigue tus boletos dando click aquí.

Red Bull Features TITAN on Beastie Boys' 'Licensed To Ill' on it's 30th anniversary

Red Bull Music presents a special feature on Beastie Boys' iconic Licensed To Ill on the album's 30th anniversary featuring TITAN's thoughts on this groundbreaking record. Alongside Wu-Tang Clan's RZA, Andrew W.K., Santigold, Wyclef Jean, Interpol's Paul Banks among others, TITAN share how this album shaped music history as we know it:

"Music was more free at the time of "Licensed to Ill." You could use samples from other bands and the Beastie Boys were the ones who really started it. Now it’s too complicated in the music industry to make albums like this anymore. We first heard this album when we were young kids. "Licensed to Ill," "Rhymin’ & Stealin'" in particular, was a shock — like the plane that’s on the cover."

Read this special feature on Licensed To Ill featuring TITAN clicking here.

TITAN Premieres New Single "El Rey Del Swing"

TITAN presents "El Rey Del Swing", the second single from their upcoming album Dama. This song first appeared on the teasers pointing towards the band's return in 2016 and has been a fan favorite ever since. 

You can download "El Rey Del Swing" by preordering TITAN's new album Dama on iTunes. Click here to get it now.

Listen to "El Rey Del Swing" on your preferred streaming service by clicking here.

Dama will be available on October 28 via Épico and ATP Recordings.

Pre-Order TITAN's new album 'Dama' on iTunes Now

TITAN's long awaited LP Dama is now available for pre-order internationally on iTunes. Get the album and download our new single "El Rey Del Swing" instantly. 

Dama features standout single "Dama Fina" and collaborations with Spanish alt-rock sensation El Columpio Asesino and living legends such as Gary Numan and Egyptian Lover.

Click here to pre-order Dama on iTunes. Available October 28 via Épico and ATP Recordings. 

TITAN Release "Dama Fina" Live Video Ahead Of Album Release Show

Ahead of the live debut of their new album DAMA on December 1st in Mexico City's El Plaza, TITAN have revealed a live video of their standout single "Dama Fina". Above you can get a glimpse of what fans witnessed at this year's edition of Festival Ceremonia featuring TITAN's long awaited return to the stage. Featuring guest performances by Cassandra Church and living cult legend Egyptian Lover, TITAN's comeback show was highlighted by fans and specialized media as one of the festival's top performances. 

Get your tickets for TITAN's upcoming show at El Plaza here: http://smarturl.it/titanplaza

Como previo a la presentación en vivo de su nuevo álbum DAMA el próximo 1º de diciembre en El Plaza de la Ciudad de México, TITAN ha compartido un video en vivo de su exitoso sencillo "Dama Fina". Arriba, pueden tener un vistazo de lo que sus fans presenciaron este año durante su esperado regreso a los escenarios en la más reciente edición del Festival Ceremonia. Con invitados especiales como Cassandra Church y el legendario Egyptian Lover, el show de TITAN en este festival fue calificado por fans y la crítica especializada como una de las presentaciones estelares del evento. 

Consigue tus boletos para ver a TITAN en vivo en El Plaza aquí: http://smarturl.it/titanplaza

TITAN Presenta Dama en El Plaza

Después de su regreso a los escenarios como parte del festival Ceremonia 2016, TITAN anuncia la presentación de su nuevo álbum DAMA el próximo 1 de diciembre en el Plaza Condesa.

Los boletos para este concierto ya están disponibles a través del Sistema Ticketmaster y estarán en taquillas de El Plaza a partir de las 12:00 hrs.: 


Los boletos para el show de TITAN en El Plaza tienen un precio de:

General: $400

Palco: $500

Balcón: $600

TITAN Premieres “Dama Fina” video on Noisey USA

After a stellar live return, TITAN premiered the video for their hit single “Dama Fina” on Noisey USA. In this video, director Rogelio Sikander takes us on an delirious trip powered by drugs, sex, strange mystical rituals and dangerous men.  

DAMA represents a major shift in the band's sound, and there's no better example of it than “Dama Fina”, the lead single, whose video we are glad to present below. “We'd never worked with that kind of structures before,” Lede told Noisey of the techno influenced track. “It sounds like TITAN, but from another perspective.” On their press release, the band added “We wanted the first single to be a song that people would be uncomfortable with, and ‘Dama Fina’ works very well for that purpose.” 

The video, directed Rogelio Sikander, takes that level of uncomfortableness even further, depicting a drug addled world where post-apocalyptic warriors sacrifice nymphs in rituals in order to produce purer drugs. Yeah, it gets that crazy. - Noisey USA”

DAMA will be released worldwide via ATP Recordings & Épico on October 28.

Read more and watch the video for "Dama Fina" on Noisey.