TITAN Premieres “Dama Fina” video on Noisey USA

After a stellar live return, TITAN premiered the video for their hit single “Dama Fina” on Noisey USA. In this video, director Rogelio Sikander takes us on an delirious trip powered by drugs, sex, strange mystical rituals and dangerous men.  

DAMA represents a major shift in the band's sound, and there's no better example of it than “Dama Fina”, the lead single, whose video we are glad to present below. “We'd never worked with that kind of structures before,” Lede told Noisey of the techno influenced track. “It sounds like TITAN, but from another perspective.” On their press release, the band added “We wanted the first single to be a song that people would be uncomfortable with, and ‘Dama Fina’ works very well for that purpose.” 

The video, directed Rogelio Sikander, takes that level of uncomfortableness even further, depicting a drug addled world where post-apocalyptic warriors sacrifice nymphs in rituals in order to produce purer drugs. Yeah, it gets that crazy. - Noisey USA”

DAMA will be released worldwide via ATP Recordings & Épico on October 28.

Read more and watch the video for "Dama Fina" on Noisey.