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With chilling echoes of a notorious, real-life murder in Connecticut, Patricia MacDonald's gripping novel unwraps the layers of fear and guilt in a small town where nothing bad ever happens -- until a pretty teenager disappears....Founder's Day in Felton, Tennessee, should be a joyous occasion. But it's the day Michele Burdette never returns home from the festivities...the day Michele is found murdered. Now, as her mother Lillie tries to heal her shattered life, haunting questions emerge about the identity of Michele's killer -- and Lillie realizes no one in her family or in Felton can be ...


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way home You are lost in the forest. It seems that everything is bad and you are doomed to die from hunger and wild animals, but suddenly you have gone to the old road, which leаds to the bridge over the river.

Then you can talk to them, quite simply and naturally-on your way home from work, for instance, or in a family gathering, on a bus, walking down the street, anywhere. You will chat about the sort of longings that everyone feels deep down in his soul, even though some people may not want to pay attention to them: they will come to understand them better, when they begin to look for God in ...